Goodbye! TR250

So a little after three years and 37,000 km on the clock my TR250 “Mariko” 麻理子 decided to pack a fit and break down, and break down big time. Her gearbox is kaput, something totally has gone amiss. It just isn’t worth putting the money into getting her fixed so have already gone a purchased a Honda PCX150 to commute to work on. Thank you Mariko


Noriko (my bike) hit 30,000km today. Planning in riding her for another two years so lets see if we can put a further 20,000km on her.

Kawasaki 250TR Super Rindo – Debut –

How would my motorbike handle the Tsurugi Super Rindo? Was always a question in the back of my mind. Although the Kawasaki TR250 comes stock with caramel block tires, she really isn’t an offroad bike. Although the Tsurugi Super Rindo (Rindo means forest road) has the word super hacked in there, it really isn’t super and is barely a forest road nowadays.

Cold As!

I don’t much like riding to work in snow, Riding back home sucks more if your gloves are still wet… 🙁

Hattoji villa 2012

Another year another trip to Hattoji villa. Located in the Hattoji Furusato Village, Bizen City in Okayama Prefecture. The thatch-roofed homestead was built more than a century ago remodeled to be a villa to join Okayama prefectures international villa program. The program offered cheap lodging in five(What I know of) separate locations through out Okayama prefecture. Sady in 2009 three of the villas Ushimado,Takebe and Fukiya were closed due to prefectural budget cuts. Hattoji and Shiraishi remain open and are highly recommended. [map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” marker=”yes” lat=”34.918852″ lon=”134.25534″]  

Leaf hunting second try

After my last leaf hunting trip I decided to give it one more chance and take a trip off island to see if I could get some better results. At least I now know for sure that I really don’t like taking pictures of the autumn colours. Hiking through them, viewing them I love, but as the photos just don’t do them justice (well my photos don’t) it just seems like a waste of time. Next year I’ll still continue to take photos but in reality I’d rather spend the time going on a longer hike. I did encounter a nice udon shop which only serves 20 meals per day and I did find a few […]

Favourite lunch-box spot

This is one of my favourite lunch-box spots on Awaji. On a nice day you can see from south Osaka all the way down to Wakayama with Narugashima Island smack bang in front of you .

Hard case

I finally purchased a hard case for the TR250 to make winter biking a little more bearable. And clock too.

New tires

Decided to ditch the off-road tires since 95% of riding is now on sealed roads. The new tires handle a breeze on the road but they really don’t like deeper mud as I abruptly found out.

Kawasaki 250TR 24,000km

My Kawasaki 250TR past the 24,000km mark yesterday. Not bad for a motorbike I have had for just over two years.