After my first three months of riding, I’d gone through two sets of gloves, a Japanese brand and famous American brand both costing around 5,000 yen each.  After this wallet eating adventure needed something better, and after a few google searches and I had stumbled on Lee Parks Design gloves.

Now These gloves have gone through 67,000km (416,318 miles) and spent three months lost in my front garden during one winter after I put a rock through my shin on a hiking trip (long story)

I have used them while bee keeping and when weed eating the apiaries.

Now there are a few problems with them.

  1. Not waterproof, I use Montbell (see below) over gloves to combat this.
  2. The tanned part stains your hands yellow when wet.
  3. Not warm in winter, even with grip heaters (Lee Park Designs have a lined version too)
  4. Can only buy in the U.S. 🙁 I live in Japan and need another pair soon.
Montbell over gloves for those wet and cold days

CC2541 SensorTag

I wanted something to play with over the winter months. So I decided to purchase this little device from Texas Instruments, at $25 including shipping it’s a steal.

It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4 and offers a wide range of sensors (see below)

I plan to use this over the winter months to monitor the temperature and humidity of my beehives and to see how covering hive affects conditions inside.

It’s gonna be a great new world when button-sized weatherproof sensors are priced around five dollars a pop and you can grab relative data while walking around the hives. Maybe I’ll be able to monitor for Giant Hornet Attacks and send an SMS to my phone. The gyroscope sensor could monitor to see if someone or something is pestering the bees.

  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • Gyroscope
  • IR temperature Sensor
  • Ambient temperature
  • Pressure Sensor (Barometer)
  • Humidity Sensor

A carbon dioxide, oxygen sensor would be nice too. But at $25 I really couldn’t ask for more.

New Camera DMC-FT4

After my DMC-FT3 died on a trip to the Tango Peninsula, Panasonic was kind enough to send me a new one, a newer model and in different color :).

The DMC-FT4 is basically the same as the previous model with a few new functions. The panoramic mode is interesting but nothing that can’t be achieved in post.

Panorama Mode
Panoramic Mode, Nada, Suisen line with Nushima Island in the background

Do I need this ?