Bushnell trail camera

I picked up a cheap bushnell trail camera to see what animals are visiting the apiary.


After my first three months of riding, I’d gone through two sets of gloves, a Japanese brand and famous American brand both costing around 5,000 yen each.  After this wallet eating adventure needed something better, and after a few google searches and I had stumbled on Lee Parks Design gloves. Now These gloves have gone through 67,000km (416,318 miles) and spent three months lost in my front garden during one winter after I put a rock through my shin on a hiking trip (long story) I have used them while bee keeping and when weed eating the apiaries. Now there are a few problems with them. Not waterproof, I use Montbell (see below) […]

CC2541 SensorTag

I wanted something to play with over the winter months. So I decided to purchase this little device from Texas Instruments, at $25 including shipping it’s a steal. It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4 and offers a wide range of sensors (see below) I plan to use this over the winter months to monitor the temperature and humidity of my beehives and to see how covering hive affects conditions inside. It’s gonna be a great new world when button-sized weatherproof sensors are priced around five dollars a pop and you can grab relative data while walking around the hives. Maybe I’ll be able to monitor for Giant Hornet Attacks […]

Japanese English

Look what I found found my first Japanese <> English electronic dictionary made in 1987! and a Japanese study tape 🙂

Lifeproof iPhone​ case

Testing out the Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4. Amazing case but I can’t charge it while it’s in the cycle mount. Hopefully, the mount for the iPhone 5 won’t have this problem.

DMC-FT4 macro test

After tweaking a couple of settings, I managed reasonable macro shots from my new Panasonic DMC-FT4. Granted it’s not DSLR quality, but for an on-the-go waterproof, shockproof camera it’s decent enough.

Panasonic DMC-FT4

Panoramic mode Testing the Panasonic DMC-FT4 panoramic mode at Nushima island.

New Camera DMC-FT4

After my DMC-FT3 died on a trip to the Tango Peninsula, Panasonic was kind enough to send me a new one, a newer model and in different color :). The DMC-FT4 is basically the same as the previous model with a few new functions. The panoramic mode is interesting but nothing that can’t be achieved in post. Do I need this ?

The Vandel

I purchased the Vandel backpack the first month they came out and it has stood up to hell and still is looking amazing. The only thing I don’t like about it is, It’s too strong and want to buy a new one, one day.