The Vandel

I purchased the Vandel backpack the first month they came out and it has stood up to hell and still is looking amazing. The only thing I don’t like about it is, It’s too strong and want to buy a new one, one day.

Hitting the bonk

Hitting the wall or Hitting the bonk for some reason or another is pronounced “hanger knock” ハンガーノック Hanga-Nokkuin Japanese. Generally, I find myself hitting the wall during autumn, I don’t know why? maybe it’s the cool Awaji Island winds that zap my energy, or maybe it was just the lack of sleep the night before After a meagre 30 kilometres of cycling, I hit the wall and…. me hit it hard. Luckily the route is jampacked with convenience stores which stock hundreds of sugary caregivers like this “lifeguard” to recharge my poor, zapped body 🙂