Friends hives, Un-friendly have

Last year my friend’s beehives were ravaged by hornets, so whenever I have the chance I like to check on them for him during hornet season. Now, This year’s weather has been pretty much disastrous (lucky us) for the hornets on Awaji Island, torrential rain in spring to hinder the nest building followed by a couple of huge typhoons in late summer which drove the final nail into the coffin for the underground dwelling species. As for the hornets who build up high and dry, well…. Even that practice was no match against the tree uprooting wind and the bucket loads of endless rain The Japanese giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia […]

Canada goldenrod

Once this invasive species flowers, it marks the end of my honey season. Bees, flies and other nectar-gathering insects love this plant, probably due to the fact that there are virtually no other flowers around this time.

Leaf hunting second try

After my last leaf hunting trip I decided to give it one more chance and take a trip off island to see if I could get some better results. At least I now know for sure that I really don’t like taking pictures of the autumn colours. Hiking through them, viewing them I love, but as the photos just don’t do them justice (well my photos don’t) it just seems like a waste of time. Next year I’ll still continue to take photos but in reality I’d rather spend the time going on a longer hike. I did encounter a nice udon shop which only serves 20 meals per day and I did find a few […]

Leaf hunting

紅葉狩り Momijigari To go to in search of autumn leaves. 紅葉 Momiji autumn leaves 狩り Kari to hunt Like and broken record player you will hear me say this, Amazing Autumn It’s not just the colours, It’s the food, the food…. Sure the colours are amazing and the photography is simple, point, shoot and you have yourself a great shot, And then….. And then it gets boring. Maybe I need to spend some time on flickr stealing some ideas 🙂 神戸市立森林植物園

Typhoon 21

Typhoon 21 is hundreds from kilometers away and the waves have already started beat down on Awaji.

Non productive bees

With an extremely dry summer the honey production on Awaji island has apparently not been a good one. This hive was not harvest and the bee-keeper decided to leave it until next year.  He said the hive may not survive the winter. I so much want to have my own bees…. next year maybe ?

Die Hornet, Die!

The remains of  Japanese giant hornets which attacked this Japanese honey bee hive! 100 points to the sticky paper! Is this to what I have to deal when I start bee-keeping?


Autumn brings typhoons, wind and rain and Higanbana flowers littering the rice paddy berms calling in the winter. “higan” a Buddhist term for the period of seven days around the Autumn equinox and “hana” the word flower.