Inohana Dam 2 – Drone

Built in 1976 Boar nose dam 2 (yep, that is the literal translation) is looking a bit run down these days.

Droning here offers beautiful shots, but they come at the cost of limited takeoff places, and line of sight hindered by a bunch of pesky power lines and trees banking the road. The dam is accessible acesable from the other city limits, with a sealed road and very little rock fall. Wind was minimal while the drone was in the valley, but at higher altitudes, my Mavic mini had to fight to maintain position.

  • Place : Inohana No.2 Dam 猪鼻第2ダム
  • Prefecture / City : Sumoto, Hyogo Prefecture 兵庫県洲本市
  • 洲本川水系猪鼻川
Inohana No.2 Dam 猪鼻第2ダム
Autumn colours only just starting the appear on Awaji Island