Wild boars and Giant hornets

Beekeeping is sometimes super depressing! We work years and years to build healthy colonies, only to have them taken from us with typhoons, hornets, wax moths or microscopic tracheal mites. Honestly, it seems like it’s just an uphill battle with very little payoffs when you are a native honey beekeeper. and now Wild Boars? Are you kidding me? We’re talking about boars are not bears right! Wild boars being a threat to honeybee hives, didn’t even cross my mind. Enjoy the Video!

Cutter supreme

Designed to cut grass at low revolutions this weed whacker blade pays for itself in just a day or two of work.  The double slit Iwama does exactly what it claims to do, slice through grass at extreme cost performance. After a good 40 hours using this blade and I must say I am most happy with the its smooth use. Pros Save gas; I haven’t tried a 4 stroke machine yet, but on two strokes I am using around half of what I used too. Kicks butt on clover, absolutely amazing. Cons Not for heavy cutting. Doesn’t work on my electric Makita weed-eater

Bushnell trail camera

I picked up a cheap bushnell trail camera to see what animals are visiting the apiary.

Time consuming

Never expected the fence to take this long to complete. Pleased with the results so far… But man it’s taking time.

Brushing teeth with Aleppo soap

For the past five years I have exclusively used Aleppo soap. It’s biodegradable It promotes wound healing It’s effective against insect bites it helps with irritated skin or conditions it may help fight against skin cancer In can be used to wash, hair,body and clothes (the ultimate camping soap) and….. now for the past two weeks I have been using it as toothpaste! and man my mouth feels great! If there were such thing as a paleo soap this would be it.

Japanese English

Look what I found found my first Japanese <> English electronic dictionary made in 1987! and a Japanese study tape 🙂