Holy honey

Capping honey is the final stage honey production for the bee. After hours and hours of to and fro flight, visiting an untold number of flowers and the uncountable bee hours of fanning the honey the bee essentially does what the beekeeper does when they bottle the honey, they put neat little lid on the cell. Autumn is normally my best haul of the year, spring pales in comparison. So after bumper spring haul, great weather and and amazing comb grow I was expecting great numbers for spring…. I could not have been more wrong. Ten honey harvests I was set to do on this somewhat warm autumn Sunday afternoon. […]

Cutter supreme

Designed to cut grass at low revolutions this weed whacker blade pays for itself in just a day or two of work.  The double slit Iwama does exactly what it claims to do, slice through grass at extreme cost performance. After a good 40 hours using this blade and I must say I am most happy with the its smooth use. Pros Save gas; I haven’t tried a 4 stroke machine yet, but on two strokes I am using around half of what I used too. Kicks butt on clover, absolutely amazing. Cons Not for heavy cutting.

Cutting Grass – My new life

Yesterday a friend who has helped me out tremendously was asked, What do you do on you holidays ? His reply was “Kusakari! weed eating!“ I laughed at his reply and thought, wait…. this is the direction my life is going 🙁 Weeds in Japan are just crazy, during the rainy season you obviously are gonna get rain, mix that in with heat, humidity and enough sunlight to throw them into overdrive and making your weekend disappear.

Brushing teeth with Aleppo soap

For the past five years I have exclusively used Aleppo soap. It’s biodegradable It promotes wound healing It’s effective against insect bites it helps with irritated skin or conditions it may help fight against skin cancer In can be used to wash, hair,body and clothes (the ultimate camping soap) and….. now for the past two weeks I have been using it as toothpaste! and man my mouth feels great! If there were such thing as a paleo soap this would be it.