Testing out the lifeproof case for my iPhone 4 in a carp pond. Amazing case but can’t charge it while it’s in the cycle mount. Hopefully the mount for the iPhone 5 won’t have this problem.

Lifeproof case for the iPhone

DMC-FT4 macro test

After tweaking a couple of settings I managed reasonable macro shots from my new Panasonic DMC-FT4. Granted it’s not DSLR quality, but for an on-the-go waterproof, shockproof camera it’s decent enough.

Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis 蟷螂 Kamakiri
Silk spider 女郎蜘蛛 Jyorogumo

Leaf hunting second try

After my last leaf hunting trip I decided to give it one more chance and take another trip off island to see if I could get some better results.

At least I now know for sure that I really don’t like taking pictures of the autumn colours. Hiking through them, viewing them I love, but as the photos just don’t do them justice (well my photos don’t) it just seems like a waste of time.

Next year I’ll still continue to take photos but in reality I’d rather spend the time going on a longer hike.

I did encounter a nice udon shop which only serves 20 meals per day and I did find a few more things for my garden 🙂 so the trip was worth while.

大野ダム 「もみじ祭り」2012-11-18 Ohno dam Autumn festival.


New Camera DMC-FT4


After my DMC-FT3 died on a trip to the Tango Peninsula, Panasonic was kind enough to send me a new one, a newer model and in different color :).

The DMC-FT4 is basically the same as the previous model with a few new functions. The panoramic mode is interesting but nothing that can’t be achieved in post.

Panorama Mode
Nada, Suisen line with Nushima Island in the background

Leaf hunting

紅葉狩り Momijigari To go to in search of autumn leaves.

紅葉 Momiji Red leaves

狩り Kari to hunt

I have said before autumn is undoubtedly my most favorite time of the year in Japan.  However I find taking photos of the Autumn colours totally boring with the photos all ended up looking the same. Maybe I need to go on a photo-walk with someone with new eyes so I can see the difference.


Typhoon 21

Typhoon 21 is hundreds from kilometers away and the waves have already started beat down on Awaji.

Ready for another typhoon ?