Traps set!

Thirty plus trap hives all waxed up and set. With an unusual ten-day golden week coming up, it’s looking like I’ll be camping at the apiary catching swarms.

New Motorcycle…

After riding my Honda PCX150 into the ground, I finally needed a new two-wheeled companion for the new year. About six months ago I made a list of possible motorbikes/scooters which fit the way I ride and ended up with five bikes on that list, I’m not a sports bike person, so hardcore petrol heads are going to cringe a bit. Honda NC750S Honda Forza 250 Honda Super cub 125 Honda PCX 150 Yamaha X-MAX 250 I hummed and hawed for the good part of those months and broke my touring needs up into a few groups. Storage space The Super Cub and the NC750S failed here. My criteria, enough […]

Catching swarms, Camping out!

Golden Week 2018 consisted of me camping out, catching swarms and playing with my tello. Overall and great golden week.

Favourite lunch-box spot

This is one of my favourite lunch-box spots on Awaji. On a nice day you can see from south Osaka all the way down to Wakayama with Narugashima Island smack bang in front of you .

Leaf hunting

紅葉狩り Momijigari To go to in search of autumn leaves. 紅葉 Momiji autumn leaves 狩り Kari to hunt Like and broken record player you will hear me say this, Amazing Autumn It’s not just the colours, It’s the food, the food…. Sure the colours are amazing and the photography is simple, point, shoot and you have yourself a great shot, And then….. And then it gets boring. Maybe I need to spend some time on flickr stealing some ideas 🙂 神戸市立森林植物園

The Vandel

I purchased the Vandel backpack the first month they came out and it has stood up to hell and still is looking amazing. The only thing I don’t like about it is, It’s too strong and want to buy a new one, one day.

Hitting the bonk

Hitting the wall or Hitting the bonk for some reason or another is pronounced “hanger knock” ハンガーノック Hanga-Nokkuin Japanese. Generally, I find myself hitting the wall during autumn, I don’t know why? maybe it’s the cool Awaji Island winds that zap my energy, or maybe it was just the lack of sleep the night before After a meagre 30 kilometres of cycling, I hit the wall and…. me hit it hard. Luckily the route is jampacked with convenience stores which stock hundreds of sugary caregivers like this “lifeguard” to recharge my poor, zapped body 🙂