New Motorcycle…

After riding my Honda PCX150 into the ground, I finally needed a new two-wheeled companion for the new year. About six months ago I made a list of possible motorbikes/scooters which fit the way I ride and ended up with five bikes on that list, I’m not a sports bike person, so hardcore petrol heads are going to cringe a bit. Honda NC750S Honda Forza 250 Honda Super cub 125 Honda PCX 150 Yamaha X-MAX 250 I hummed and hawed for the good part of those months and broke my touring needs up into a few groups. Storage space The Super Cub and the NC750S failed here. My criteria, enough […]

Akashi-kakyo bridge tour

At almost 4km long, surviving a 7.2 magnitude earthquake before the competition the Akashi Bridge is currently the longest suspension bridge in the world. This tour runs between April and November, the trip is 2 hours long, Twenty minutes of those up top and costs 3000 yen for adults and 1500 yen for children. There are some conditions so please check their website. Location and Information You need to book in advancd and since the tour is weather reliant remember to have a backup plan.

Good Bye PCX150

Five years, 67,000km and my first scooter and all I can say is Thank you. I rode you into the ground, I mistreated you and punished you severely, and you kept on giving. But honestly, The PCX is a great machine. I had almost no issues with her, and the ones I did have were user made… like crashing into a ditch and crapping out on ice… And more than once I might add. I travelled the island of Shikoku and many places in Kansai. Although I feel this scooter is to small for travelling long distances with someone who has little free time on their hands like me. Those […]

Hattoji 2015

I  try and make it to the Hattoji international villa at least once a year, but for the past two years, I’ve been too busy wrapped up in my own little beekeeping world unable to take the timeout and ride my motorbike (teeny tiny scooter) to this beautiful destination. This year I jumped at the opportunity to stay there and join friends from the Kansai Riders group. My PXC150 in now 1 year and 11 months old and has 32,000km on her. This is only the second time I have taken her to the mainland for a tour and I must say for sub 500km tours she handles rather good.


After my first three months of riding, I’d gone through two sets of gloves, a Japanese brand and famous American brand both costing around 5,000 yen each.  After this wallet eating adventure needed something better, and after a few google searches and I had stumbled on Lee Parks Design gloves. Now These gloves have gone through 67,000km (416,318 miles) and spent three months lost in my front garden during one winter after I put a rock through my shin on a hiking trip (long story) I have used them while bee keeping and when weed eating the apiaries. Now there are a few problems with them. Not waterproof, I use Montbell (see below) […]

Hello Honda PCX150

Well I must say I am surprised how well my new honda PCX150 handles very smooth and a joy to ride. Gone are the days of me dissing scooters.

Goodbye! TR250

So a little after three years and 37,000 km on the clock my TR250 “Mariko” 麻理子 decided to pack a fit and break down, and break down big time. Her gearbox is kaput, something totally has gone amiss. It just isn’t worth putting the money into getting her fixed so have already gone a purchased a Honda PCX150 to commute to work on. Thank you Mariko


Noriko (my bike) hit 30,000km today. Planning in riding her for another two years so lets see if we can put a further 20,000km on her.

Kawasaki 250TR Super Rindo – Debut –

How would my motorbike handle the Tsurugi Super Rindo? Was always a question in the back of my mind. Although the Kawasaki TR250 comes stock with caramel block tires, she really isn’t an offroad bike. Although the Tsurugi Super Rindo (Rindo means forest road) has the word super hacked in there, it really isn’t super and is barely a forest road nowadays.

Cold As!

I don’t much like riding to work in snow, Riding back home sucks more if your gloves are still wet… 🙁