Traps set!

Thirty plus trap hives all waxed up and set. With an unusual ten-day golden week coming up, it’s looking like I’ll be camping at the apiary catching swarms.


And it two years is all it took to get the floor started; winter is the only time I can work on the apiaries maintenance. I still need to add a door and make some of the spaces smaller so the ferrets and monkeys can’t get in. Bugs I can live with, ferret poo I can not.

Friends hives, Un-friendly have

Last year my friend’s beehives were ravaged by hornets, so whenever I have the chance I like to check on them for him during hornet season. Now, This year’s weather has been pretty much disastrous (lucky us) for the hornets on Awaji Island, torrential rain in spring to hinder the nest building followed by a couple of huge typhoons in late summer which drove the final nail into the coffin for the underground dwelling species. As for the hornets who build up high and dry, well…. Even that practice was no match against the tree uprooting wind and the bucket loads of endless rain The Japanese giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia […]

Catching swarms, Camping out!

Golden Week 2018 consisted of me camping out, catching swarms and playing with my tello. Overall and great golden week.

Steve’s wild honey

Thanks to my creative friends at Kreativ I have settled on a logo and name for my honey.  I have also moved all my hives to the Hatada area in Sumoto and will be focusing on wild organic honey from now.

Shed update

Hatada eventually should become my biggest apiary hosting around 100 hives, in the area of the shed hopefully a potential 40 hives so I need to keep tools and hives on hand so I can rock up to the apiaries empty handed and take care of business. Empty handed? Really? Lazy much?  I really want to cycle there some weekends and it’s a good 70 km round trip if I  do a loop. Also I never know if I am going to be cycling, motorbiking or driving the Awaji sports car, aka kei-truck. But the main thing I want to keep up there is a weed-eater. In the photos below […]

the Hatada honey shed

With tremendous help from the Hatada Sea, Mountain and Forest Project I started my first honey bee shed.  Once finished I won’t need to take my tools each time to the apiary.  Hopefully, we can are done by February, Not to keen on putting the roof on though.

Winter 2015-2016

Winter still has a month and a bit to go and I haven’t lost any hives yet. But these two are not looking great. I decided to feed them 200cc of sugar water every 10 days to 14 days, First time feeding, Not really sure able this….


Well it’s my birthday today, so why not do something interesting on your birthday 🙂 On Thursdays, I generally check on the Hatada apiary and today I noticed that the Perilla had started to take their dance of death and turn a shitty brown and make the stone terraces look like a big turd. I knew this is gonna happen and had been putting off weeding that section of the apiary because I just don’t like weeding and there are a lot of snakes I had decided on only weeding around the beehives, but being Mr. can’t stop when he gets started ended up pulling all the Perilla. Now next, I’ve just got […]

Wild sesame perilla

Following a very wet rainy season and in less than four months, the stone terraces have turned a brilliant green. At first, I had no idea what this weed was, and it turns out it’s an ubiquitous herb/spice used in Korean cuisine and known as wild sesame. It’s supposed to flower at the end of summer around September; hopefully, it’s a good nectar source. I just hope the honey doesn’t smell like the leaves 🙂