Steve’s wild honey

Thanks to my creative friends at Kreativ I have settled on a logo and name for my honey.  I have also moved all my hives to the Hatada area in Sumoto and will be focusing on wild organic honey from now.

Back to the bees

I Like Reflecting. 2016 marked the year I became a bee-haver and not a beekeeper, a little black mark which ultimately set me back a few years. You see I have the tendency to bite off more than I can chew and this year I literally choked myself working for Project Shunyoso while doing a full-time job, some coding and occasionally working at Hotel Anaga,  Once again I had put myself in the fast lane of life and burning rubber I didn’t have. Recover Sometime in January I came off my motorbike cough motor scooter and long story short, It was an icy day I wasn’t going fast, I braked on a manhole […]

First hive!

Received my first hive from a local beekeeper today, The colony huge and he also helped me move it to my friends coffee shop “Fuku-cafe” in Shitori on Awaji Island where they will hopefully stay for a while. I have trying to do this for the past three years, and now I am finally making some baby steps.