About Stephen's Wild Honey


Hi, I am Steve and I have spent over two decades on this little Island called Awaji and it never gets old. Great food, easy quick day hikes, amazing road cycling courses and sites to snorkel.

Originally from New Zealand I love the outdoors and nothing makes me happier than getting dressed up in white and going to talk to my bees.

My Apiaries are also located on Awaji Island in the small seaside village of Hatada, on the outskirts of Sumoto city. This village with endless stone terraces throughout the mountains. once had thriving Naruto orange farms. Now Hatada is a depopulated village, which is a sad site to see, but it does make it an amazing place for bee keeping.

If you are coming to Japan and wish to see Japanese honey bees, drop me a line.

Stephen Wheeler
- Awaji Islander