100% Wild Honey

From the Japanese Honey Bee

Wild Honey

We just let the bees do their thing make some of the best wild honey on the market. Hatada is void of commercial farms and rich in flowers and fresh running water.


Natural Bees Wax

Using the sun in the summer and steam in the cooler months our bees wax made and processed with the upmost care. Perfect for you home made cosmetics, soaps and creams.

Youtube Bees & Bugs, Japan


Join me bee-keep and show you the bugs crawling around in Japan.


The fading village of Hatada offers many rewards for Bee Keeping

  • No Rice fields, No Pesticides
  • Lots of trees, Food for Bees
  • Clean running water, Great Environmental Barometer
  • Quiet, Peaceful for me

The only with the only negative point so far is at a bit of a mission to get there.

If you are a beekeeper from Japan or overseas and wish to see the Japanese honey bee, feel free to drop me a line. My bees are active very active from late march until the end of September. Don't forgot to bring some of your honey, My local Bee keeping friends and I love trying honeys from around the around the world.