Wild sesame perilla

Following a very wet rainy season and in less than four months, the stone terraces have turned a brilliant green. At first, I had no idea what this weed was and it turns out it’s a very common herb/spice used in Korean cuisine and known as wild sesame. It’s supposed to flower at the end of summer around September hopefully it’s a good nectar source. I just hope the honey doesn’t smell like the leaves 🙂

The Fence, The Field

The Fence The bamboo fence for the apiary is harder to build than I first thought. Of course having to collect the bamboo, split it, find the good parts and then attach it to the fenceposts, really does make it labour-intensive. I wish I could’ve started sooner, but since you can only collect bamboo between the months of December and February I don’t really have much choice. The Field I am hoping this year I can use this field, I still haven’t got the okay from the owner, but I’m weeding out the ragwort in the field anyway because once this noxious weed (Madagascar ragwort) takes root it’s a real […]

CC2541 SensorTag

I wanted something to play with over the winter months. So I decided to purchase this little device from Texas Instruments, at $25 including shipping it’s a steal. It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4 and offers a wide range of sensors (see below) I plan to use this over the winter months to monitor the temperature and humidity of my beehives and to see how covering hive affects conditions inside. It’s gonna be a great new world when button-sized weatherproof sensors are priced around five dollars a pop and you can grab relative data while walking around the hives. Maybe I’ll be able to monitor for Giant Hornet Attacks […]

Hornet Attack!

I wasn’t ready for this! I should say I wasn’t ready to see two of my hives covered in the Japanese giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia japonica). Since spring I have seen a few buzzing around but taking zero interest in the hives, Well the giant hornet that is, the yellow hornet (Vespa simillima) has been testing the bees defences over the summer months but never attacking the hives in great numbers. Armed with a fly swat I attempted to rid the hive from the attacking hornets. Not a brilliant plan, but the only thing I could do. Of course it didn’t work the Hornets turned their attention to me, luckily I was wearing my thick motorbike […]