Tours of my PCX150

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  • Good Bye PCX150 (10/30/2018) - Over Looking Sumoto city Five years, 67,000km and my first scooter and all I can say is Thank you. I rode you into the ground, I mistreated you and punished you severely, and you kept on giving. But honestly, The PCX is a great machine. I had almost no issues with her, and the ones I did have were user made… like crashing into a ditch and crapping out on ice… And more than once I might add. I travelled the island of Shikoku and many places in Kansai. Although I feel this scooter is to small for travelling long distances with someone who has little free time on their …
  • Hattoji 2015 (12/3/2015) - Generally I  try and make it to the Hattoji international villa at least once a year,but  for the past two years I’ve been too busy wrapped up in my own hello world unable to take the timeout and ride my motorbike (teeny tiny scooter) to this beautiful destination. This year I jumped at the opportunity to stay there and join friends from the Kansai Riders group. PCX150 Update 1 year and 11 months 32,000km This is only the second time I have taken her to the mainland for a tour and I must say for sub 500km tours I really believe this is perfect bike for Japan.
  • Hello Honda PCX150 (12/1/2013) - Well I must say I am surprised how well my new honda PCX150 handles very smooth and a joy to ride. Gone are the days of me dissing scooters.